Pickles Wrapped in Candy Capture TikTok in a New Culinary Trend


A new TikTok trend called “Chamoy Pickle Kit” involves gourmets in the app wrapping pickles in candy before pouring Chamoy sauce over them, and people don’t know how to feel.

In the community of food lovers on TikTok, the creators share a lot of trends and other ideas.

Recent examples include people putting pizza leftovers in eggs, as well as a way to get a Chipotle burrito for just two dollars.

One of the latest trends for gourmets is a chama pickling set, in which gourmets wrap giant—sized pickles in fruit rolls, fill them with the same and pour chama sauce.

In the Chamoy pickling kit, there are people wrapping pickled cucumbers in candy.

Back in 2022, the company attracted the attention of many on TikTok after the release of bright red pickles infused with cham.

In an effort to recreate this product, gourmets have created a “Chamoy pickle kit”, which includes packaged pickles, sour straws, fruit rolls and a bottle of Chamoy sauce.

At the time of writing, the hashtag “chamoypicklekit” has been viewed more than 134 million times.

TikToker EmiiyJade in December posted her video showing how she cooks brine.


trying a chamoy pickle kit ahhhh theyre so good @chamoyguysuk 😭😭😭 #pickle #pickles #chamoypickle #chamoycandy #chamoypicklekit #picklekit #taki #food #viralfood #trying #tastetest #foryoupage #foryou

♬ original sound – emily jade

While Chamoyguysuk uploaded a video showing how they hollowed out the brine and added what appears to be a blue Taki to the middle.


However, people do not understand whether they like this popular combination or not.

“Why do people put all this with brine?” one user asked, while another replied, “Not for me.”

A third commenter said, “I need to try this, my mouth is watering every time I see someone chewing it!!”

Hundreds of others flooded the comments to the video, talking about going to the store and getting things that you can do with your own hands.

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