Pi! Car !: Futuristic Pikachu car from Nintendo and Toyota


Nintendo had approved in Japan to register three trademark applications for a project involving Pokémon and Toyota electric cars. It’s the “Pi! Car!”, A car that looks like the franchise’s mascot.

According to the Japanese Nintendo blog, the partnership between the automaker, Nintendo and GameFreak involves the name of the device and two illustrations with the design of the vehicle. They were sent to the trademark registration body in August 2020 and approved earlier this month.

Pi! Car! it is a car that does not use fossil fuels, looks “futuristic” and “compact design”.

There are still no details on what the brands are planning, but the records are under the categories of “vehicle” and “education and entertainment” – that is, this may not be a commercial car, but some awareness project, for example. example.

In addition, companies can register names similar to their properties without necessarily launching something related.


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