Physicists Discover A Way To Stabilize Fusion Reactors


Researchers from Princeton University may have found a new way to control fusion reactors. This discovery has the potential to constitute an important step in the realization of fusion reactors.

There are different ultimate goals in almost every field of science. One of the ultimate goals of physicists right now is to achieve cold fusion. Currently, we can only perform hot fusion, which is happening with many problems.

In today’s fusion reactors, it is necessary to use light elements in plasma form. The problem lies in the fact that the plasma produced from these elements can be as hot as the Sun and is too unstable and unpredictable for control.

Magnetic islands
It can be a way for plasma to do what we want and act more efficiently, more predictably. This method appears in a theoretical physics article published in the journal Physics of Plasmas.

Sending radio frequencies into the super-hot fusion reactors can prevent magnetic islands from forming. These magnetic islands create bubble-like structures, which can cause uncontrollable energy fluctuations in plasma.

“We want the islands not to grow,” explains the Princeton Plasma Physics Program graduate student and the author of the article, Eduardo Rodriguez, focusing on this will make fusion reactors more stable.

What is a fusion reactor?
Nuclear energy is an issue with many controversies. Producing new atoms and keeping this reaction continuous by making the atoms as warm as the core of the sun, and even from time to time, has the characteristics to meet the energy production need.

Starting these reactions in a controlled manner and ensuring their continuity can provide the simplest expression to make Arc Reactor in the chest of Iron Man. Our energy source can also theoretically last forever. Thus, energy crises can be prevented.

Scientists have been aiming to generate energy stably by fusion for a long time. After this step, studies will be done to make the fusion cold. Using energy in the most effective way will change the way that humanity will progress in the future.


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