Physical Product Sales Falling, Apple Hopes for the Future of Digital Services


Apple, which shared its financial statements for the first quarter of 2020 in the morning, made important statements regarding the company. Apple CEO Tim Cook said in his statements that he is very hopeful for his ancillary services and they want to improve these services further.

US-based technology giant Apple held a meeting in the morning and shared its financial situation in the first quarter of 2020 with the public. Apple CEO Tim Cook, who made statements about the company’s future plans after the announcements, announced that they were both excited about the company’s other services and were working on various new plans.

According to Tim Cook, the year 2019; It went down in history as a year when new services such as Apple TV +, Apple Card, Apple News + and Apple Arcade were offered to consumers. Explaining that they had a record income of all time in 2020, Cook stated that the only reason for this was not the iPhone and other products that were released, and ancillary services made a great contribution to this success.

Tim Cook satisfied with the performance of Apple’s digital services
Continuing his remarks with Apple TV +, which they recently launched, Apple CEO stressed that the online series and movie platforms make an exciting start. Expressing the quality of the content on the Apple TV + platform, Cook expressed his great happiness especially for The Morning Show’s Golden Globe nomination.

One of Apple’s ancillary services is “Apple News +”. Stating that the new news streaming services available only in the US, UK, Australia and Canada for now have more than 100 million active users per month, Cook did not clearly explain the number of paid subscribers of the Apple News + service. Cook also declined to score for Apple Card and Apple Arcade.

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Cook said they would do everything they could to make their ancillary services even better. According to the Apple CEO, Apple Arcade has more than 100 games support for now and this number will increase even more in the future. Cook, who made a similar statement for Apple TV +, said that the content will increase more and more.

Apple has not been in financially desired areas for a while. However, it seems that the new services offered especially to the users in 2019 gave much hope to the future. Let’s see how 2020 will pass for Apple and will the company be able to make the same explanations when we arrive in early 2021.


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