Physical: Apple TV+ Series Renewed For Season 2


Physical: Apple TV+ announced, this Wednesday (05), the renewal of the series Physical for a 2nd season. The disclosure came before this season’s final episode was available. The comedy drama, which debuted on the streaming platform in June 2021, has actress Rose Byrne (Suddenly One Family) starring in the lead role Sheila Rubin.

The renewal of the series

The announcement was made by Michelle Lee, director of programming for Apple TV+. In a statement, Lee commented on being very proud of the production of Annie Weisman’s creation and defined the series as “funny, dark, devastating and courageous”.

“We had the chance to watch Byrne bring this amazing character to life, delivering an unforgettable performance. We were thrilled to see audiences around the world fall in love with this series and we can’t wait for you to check out the next part of the journey of Sheila toward personal empowerment,” Lee said.

The plot of Physical

In the series, housewife Sheila faces a dilemma in marriage to Danny (Superstore), who is not exactly a good husband and is running for the state assembly. Internally, she still needs to deal with personal demons and an inner voice.

To overcome all this, she discovers aerobics and finds refuge on a journey to empowerment and success.

Production and Cast

In addition to creating the series, Annie Weisman (Desperate Housewives) is also the showrunner and executive producer on the 1980s series.

Next season’s cast is expected to bring back Della Saba (Zootopia) and Lou Taylor Pucci (American Horror Story) in the roles of aerobics teacher Bunny and her boyfriend Tyler.

In addition, Dierdre Friel (New Amsterdam), Geoffrey Arend (Madam Secretary) and Paul Sparks (House of Cards) return, respectively, as fellow Greta, campaign manager Jerry, and local developer John Breem.


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