Photoshop victim Kendall Jenner has attracted fans!


Kendall Jenner suffered a bad Photoshop retouch. Yes, in a photo, one of her dresses has a little problem! In one of the photos taken on Kim K’s birthday, Kendall Jenner suffered a bad Photoshop retouch.

Kendall Jenner is a true it-girl. Indeed, even the most discreet of the Kardashian-Jenner clan shares many moments of her life on the networks.

So, on her Insta, you can follow her in her parades, out with her sisters or in crazy outfits for Halloween.

But it’s not just about her own Insta that he can be admired.

Indeed, the pretty brunette is also present on the Insta of her sisters, through family photos.

In fact, in a photo posted by Kim Kardashian, and taken during Kim K’s 40th birthday, Kendall Jenner seems to have a little problem with her dress.

Don’t panic, we’ll tell you more!


Kim Kardashian immortalized her 40th birthday with numerous photos. Yes, the business woman wanted, at all costs, to keep memories of this exceptional celebration.

So, during her “birthday week” spent on a deserted Caribbean island, many pictures were taken.

And one of them particularly made the fans laugh. And for good reason, the Kardashian clan is known to abuse Photoshop! Once again, it did not fail!

Indeed, in one of the photos, which nevertheless seems rather “natural”, Kendall Jenner was the victim of a bad Photoshop retouch.

Yes, in the photo in question, we can see that the thong of her dress is completely detached. It doesn’t hold up at all!

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In short, the magic of Photoshop has struck again.

We, in any case, this photo made us laugh!

Besides, so that you can see the problem with your own eyes, we leave it with you, just below!


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