Photoshop Beta gains function to assign credits in images


Adobe implemented in the beta version of Photoshop from Creative Cloud a new tool that allows you to assign credits to images edited in the software. Called the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI), the function allows the user to identify those responsible for photos even in montages that use more than one material.

The content authenticity tool works in a similar way to photo metadata. The Adobe solution does not add a watermark or anything like that to the image, but instead places the data in the image file.

As shown below, the user can activate the function by pressing a button called “Attach data”. The tool can be accessed in the Photoshop option windows, which allows you to choose which information will be added to the file, and also when exporting the image.

After importing, the data is stored within the image file and can be viewed on platforms that support the CAI standard. If the image is placed on Behance, for example, the user can view copyright data by clicking on an information button that appears next to the photo.

The tool also allows the user to view all the images that were used in montages, as well as the programs used to perform the editing process. In addition, the solution has a comparative slider to display, in real time, the changes that were made in photos.

According to the company, the CAI panel that allows you to view the credit and authenticity information will be gradually released to Creative Cloud users. The company’s goal is to make technology a new standard, which in the future may appear in applications, websites and even cameras.

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According to The Verge, Adobe is already working with companies like Microsoft, Twitter and The New York Times Company to expand support for the new role.


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