Photos showing Romina’s transformation


Like her brother Emilio Osorio, Niurka’s daughter, Romina Marcos has had a great physical change over the years. The now 24-year-old set out to start a healthier lifestyle a few years ago and her exercise routines have been very effective. And so you can see how it has changed we leave you some photographs.

1. As a girl

From a very young age she always looked like her mother. The photos next to her brother show the great affection that exists between them since they were little.

2. Always with her mother

The Cuban dancer never hid her children from the media, it was not strange to see them at public events. For this reason, since they were little, both Emilio and Romi have learned to deal with the press.

3. At 18

Little by little, Romina became more interested in the artistic medium. In this photograph taken in 2014, she was 18 years old and sported a hair similar to Niurka’s.

4. A life change is proposed

It was a few years ago that Romi decided to turn her lifestyle around and set out to lose weight. Since then, there is not a day in which I did not go to the gym and the results are undeniable.

5. News

She is currently 24 years old and has managed to lose more than 18 kilos, something she is very proud of and boasts on her social networks. Although she did not choose to lead a career as committed as her brother’s, she is an influencer since she has more than 419 thousand followers on her Instagram account where she shares moments of her life with her fans.


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