Photos of Jin From BTS at CBR Training and Grenade Training Have Been Published


Ever since BTS’ Jin started his mandatory service on December 13th, fans have been eager to hear more from him.

Thus, ARMIES always appreciate any published photos or news provided by other participants.

On January 6, the Incheon Military Training Center published new photos of trainees training outdoors. These are trainings known for their complexity, such as CBR (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) protection training, hand grenade training, etc.

Among the published photos we see two photos of Jin from BTS. In one of them, a co-worker helps Jin wash with water after a CBR workout.

Then in another photo, a BTS member throws a hand grenade at the target from behind.

This type of training is known as difficult, but necessary and mandatory for all men of military service.

On the other hand, Jin is expected to end his service on June 12, 2024.


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