Photos of an iPhone 12 Pro Prototype Finally Unveiled!


Photos of a supposed prototype of Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro have been unveiled on social networks! We tell you more.

A prototype Apple iPhone 12 Pro has been unveiled on social media!

We have just discovered images of a supposed prototype of Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro. And according to the images circulating on Twitter, there are significant changes from the final version.

Indeed, the images show an unfinished version of Apple’s smartphone. This is actually the Pacific Blue model.

It is not uncommon for prototypes of the brand to end up on the Internet. Some of them have even been auctioned off! Eh yes.

We think of the iPhone Edge for example. Or has a prototype iPhone 6 that almost sold on eBay! This time around, it’s the Pacific Blue model that is making the buzz.


Thus, in the circulating photos of the supposed Apple prototypes, there are several differences with the final version. Starting with the color.

Indeed, it looks a little darker than the final model. But that could just be because of the lighting!

Also, the back of the iPhone 12 Pro does not include any writing. It only contains the Apple logo.

The icons on the home page are also different from regular iPhones. Eh yes ! Indeed, the prototype does not work on iOS 14 but on SwitchBoard.

This version does not include a user interface. Additionally, the classic default version of the iPhone’s iOS home page is called SpringBoard.

This includes diagnostic applications. As well as utilities that are not even available to the general public!

We thus find Console and USBHost. But also Astro or even Ness. It is therefore rather surprising to see that this iPhone 12 Pro does not use Apple’s operating system.


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