Photo Showing the Terrible Dimension of the Coronavirus Outbreak in the USA

Photograph taken by a nurse in the U.S. reveals the point at which the coronavirus epidemic has come. The nurse leaking the photo draws attention to the difficulties that hospitals in the country are struggling with.

In the USA, which is one of the countries most affected by the new type of coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, the number of cases and deaths is increasing day by day. A photo shared by a nurse working in New York reveals the size of the epidemic in the country.

The photo shared by the nurse was taken in a truck in the Manhattan area on Sunday, in which people lost their lives due to coronavirus. The 38-year-old nurse, who did not want her identity revealed, revealed not only the point of the epidemic, but also the difficult situation of the hospitals.

The photo shows that people who died from the coronavirus epidemic were kept in white and orange corpse bags in a freezer truck. The nurse stated that one of the bags belonged to a 71-year-old female patient who died the previous evening.

Speaking about the woman who lost her life, the nurse said, “I can’t be very patient to stand next to the people I saw while I was breathing. But I liked the woman’s cardigan and pajamas, so I decided to stay and get to know her a little bit. . ” He spoke in the form.

Apart from the devastating effects of the epidemic, the nurse also revealed the difficulties experienced by healthcare professionals in hospitals. Describing the personal protective equipment they used as bullshit, the nurse stated that they could only use one mask in the 12-hour shift. He also suggested that the COVID-19 test was not performed unless they showed symptoms to hospital staff.

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