Photo of Park Bo Gum in military uniform revealed


On September ninth KST, a photograph of entertainer Park Bo Gum was delivered. Park Bo Gum is found in his military clothing and wearing a cover as he presents with a gathering of Navy students.

Park Bo Gum enrolled in the Navy and entered the Navy Education Command in Jinhae, Changwon, South Gyeongsang Province on August 31st.

It has been longer than seven days since he had entered the preparation base and netizens are blissful to see his ongoing photographs.

In the interim, Park Bo Gum will be released from his required military help in April of 2022.

Netizens’ Commented:

“Park Bo Gum glances so amazing in his uniform.”

“Amazing, the entirety of the numerous fighters are wearing veils while preparing. The world truly changed.”

“Bo Gum I miss you.”

“You can’t shroud his attractive features behind the veil.”

“Wishing everybody to securely complete their military help and return back safe.”

“2022? That is so distant from now.”

“Bo Gum we will hang tight for you as we watch your new dramatization.”

“Bo Gum your show is exceptionally fun. Try not to stress. we’ll sit tight for your return.”

“He’s so gorgeous still in the uniform and behind the cover.”


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