Photo of Jin’s Tattoo From BTS Frives Fans Crazy, Jin Responds


A few months ago, BTS revealed that each of them has a friendship tattoo. The participants got a tattoo with the number 7, which is of great importance for them and for ARMIE!

After RM, J-Hope, Jimin and Jungkook, it looks like Jin finally managed to clearly show his friendship tattoo on Instagram, where we can see his bare back for the first time.

In June, Jin revealed the location of his tattoo by taking a photo on the beach shirtless with the inscription “I also show friendship tattoo”, which even attracted the attention of other J-Hope, Suga and RM.

Jin de BTS torse nu montre son nouveau tatouage rm jhope

Recently, a tattoo artist who tattooed BTS members posted another photo of the singer without a shirt.

Since the star was driving fans crazy all over the world, on Weverse he replied to the ARMY post, which read: “I’m dead” along with several photos of the idol.

Other photos are taken from two episodes of his YouTube show “Drunk Truth”, where he cooked traditional Korean rice wine, McCauley, with his friend, the famous chef Baek Jong Won and the master of alcoholic beverages Pak Rok Dam.

The video showed the complex process of creating traditional Korean rice wine, which Korean families have been engaged in for generations. Jin was fully involved in the process and was especially attentive.

After steaming, soaking and mixing the boiled rice with yeast, Jin and Pak Rok Dam carefully put the rice in a clay pot and covered it with a cloth and lid so that the rice would ferment.

Then the rice was brought to Jin’s house and put in his bath. In his instructions, he was told to monitor the temperature of the rice during its fermentation.

For several days, Jin checked the temperature while continuing to keep the rice in the bath.
The BTS member was wearing matching pajamas with shorts, unexpectedly showing off his toned legs. Screenshots of those moments were published along with a photo of his tattoo.

Jin replied: “Look at my face, not this…”

Jin quickly reminded fans that her attractive appearance should attract their attention. Netizens also commented on Korean online communities, writing:

I think I’m just going to die
I didn’t think I’d be able to see Gene’s tattoo up close. Thanks to the tattoo artist.
I don’t know if it’s worth watching this lol
No wonder he said he almost forgot he had a tattoo, lol.
Now I want to know where Shoogar got his lol from.
He has very beautiful skin
I do not know why I feel a little guilty looking at this photoㅋㅋ
I love working with lines.
Even her tattoo is cute.

Are we even allowed to see this…? I’m a fan of another band, but thank you
Put something on, it’s cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cover yourself!!!!!!
No, but wait… Cover up!!
AHHHHHH hide it, cover up!!!
Is it OK to look at my oppa’s back like that?
Cover up!
Get dressed! Get a long down jacket!!!!!!


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