Photo: Alejandro Garnacho’s David Moyes tattoo leaves Manchester United fans perplexed


Manchester United got their hands on a new gem in the person of Alejandro Garnacho.

The sensational teenager scored his first goal for United in a 1-0 win over Real Sociedad in the Europa League, and then scored again in the League Cup against Aston Villa.

Garnacho came on as a substitute against the wards of Unai Emery in the cup and was amazing, completing a wonderful cameo role with two excellent assists.

The Argentine has earned praise in many circles, including in the press and from fans who have high hopes for their young star.

However, this time the headlines were not Garnacho’s impressive performances, but his mysterious tattoo.

An 18-year—old guy is a big fan of tattoos, but one attracted attention more than all the others.

The Daily Star reports: “One of his [Garnacho’s] tattoos on his arm recently caught the eye — it looks like it’s former United boss and current West Ham manager David Moyes.”

“Garnacho has a tattoo in the form of a sleeve on both arms, which depicts several faces, as well as many other patterns. However, on closer inspection, one of the faces on his hand is the spitting image of Moyes.”

The tattoo surprised fans of West Ham and United.

Many have taken to social media to express their bewilderment about the tattoo.

However, it is unlikely that Garnacho will have the face of the West Ham boss on his sleeve. Moyes has never coached Garnacho, and it is known that the pair are not related in any way.

When Moyes directed the Theater of Dreams, Garnacho would have been nine years old. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that the tattoo on his right arm is not a tribute to Moyes.


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