Phone or cameras? Which one is more advantageous?


Not only does phone cameras have an advantage, but also cameras have their own advantages. Let’s take a look at them …

First of all, the newly launched phones now enable beautiful photos to come out without having thousands of lira special lens cameras. Of course, on a smartphone, at least 2/3 at most 6/7 camera lenses. Considering that each phone offers different lenses and features on the camera side, our options are really many. However, if you are a macro photographer, the thousands of lira lens you buy will give you a much better experience than on the phone.

Advantage of phone cameras

Telefon kameralarının avantajı

On the Android and iOS side, hundreds of good phones stand out with different camera features. On the Apple side, users meeting with the iPhone 11 in wide angle, albeit new, experienced the ultra-zoom feature with the flagship models of Samsung and Xiaomi. As we have just mentioned, each phone has a different camera. Some phones, especially Huawei’s flagship models, provide an important threshold in night photography thanks to the night mode it offers.

While Samsung zooms far with ultra zoom, on the other hand, Xiaomi and Huawei offer a different experience with optical zoom. The most important advantage of phones is undoubtedly to have cameras with many features with a single device.

So if we really want professional work on cameras, we need to buy a special lens for every style. This is not the case with phones. Of course, there are micro and macro zoom lenses as accessories, but the presence of different lenses built into the phones makes the phone more advantageous and more affordable for taking pictures in different styles.

Another advantage of taking photos with the phone is lightness. As an extension of the above mentioned incident, you do not need a giant lens when you want to shoot macro with the phone. Telephoto lenses used in professional shots that need zooming make the cameras quite heavy.

Telefon kameralarının avantajı

For this reason, although the telephoto lenses in the phones do not affect the weight of the phone, it does affect its quality to some extent. If we make a comparison in the quality part, the photos taken with the telephoto lens attached to the camera are of course much more successful. Nevertheless, this camera on phones saves the day.

Considering the advantages of easily sharing the photos taken on the phone on social media accounts, being able to easily send them to our friends or adding them to a document, it is much easier to take a photo and instantly send or share it to a person. Although there are cameras that can connect to the Internet, it does not offer practical use, considering the situations such as sharing on social media and sending photos to our friends with whom we are texting.

Another advantage of the phone is that the photo taken can be edited within seconds. While we can easily delete an object you do not want thanks to free mobile applications on the phones, we can change the face of the photos by adding filters.

These are the biggest advantages that stand out on the phone side.

So what are the advantages of cameras?

Telefon kameralarının avantajı

The cameras that provide more professional shots can zoom without loss thanks to the optical zoom feature. Unfortunately, the lenses offered as optical zoom on phones do not offer an experience as successful as the lens of a camera.

Although it is necessary to carry heavy and different lenses in bags, more realistic, lossless and perfect shots can be made with instant lens changes. The body of the cameras that can be used for many years when looked very well; It surpasses phones with its durability and long usage. For years, it becomes possible to use the same camera, perhaps by simply changing the lens.

The cameras have much more fine adjustments and you can adjust the light that best suits the environment. This offers freedom and allows you to discover your own photographic language. Phones that offer ease of sharing on the digital side cannot pour water into the hands of the cameras when it comes to the printing side. Cameras, which provide much more successful results in the work done for printing, nowadays appeal to those who want to do more “professional” work.


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