The phone that fell into the river surprised everyone after 8 months!


A Chinese man, who accidentally dropped his phone into the river, surprisingly encountered a miracle eight months later. Known as Zhou, the fisherman lost his smartphone while fishing with his friend in a turbulent river in China last September. The phone that fell into the river was flooded for months!

The phone that fell into the river was flooded for 8 months!
Zhou made a statement about this issue to the social media platform PearVideo. They were trying to catch fish with his friend, he squeezed his phone into a plastic bag, and then his phone fell from the boat into the water. The fisherman did not realize that the phone had disappeared instantly, he realized when he got to the shore and thought that he would never find his phone again because the water in the river was very muddy. Zhou, who has forgotten the subject, got his phone 8 months later thanks to a fisherman with the low level of water. He also found Zhou’s number on a business card on the back of the phone. Looking at the photo of the phone, it seems that it is iPhone 7 Plus.

Zhou was very surprised when he saw his smartphone delivered by a fisherman via a package because he was still working. He took the photos he took during his canoe trip from his phone, which he thought he would never find again. The frame below is one of these photos.


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