Phone with 192 MP camera may be released in May [Rumor]


The Digital Chat Station profile, from the social network Weibo, published about the possible existence of a smartphone with a 192 MP camera. The post only mentions the resolution of the sensor, the chipset, and warns readers to return to publication next month (May), implying that there will be more information, or even the launch of the device.

The resolution of the smartphone camera has been a cause of “war” between manufacturers for almost 10 years. After a while, the quality of the sensor became more important than the number of megapixels. Today, the fight for higher resolutions has returned with everything, not to mention the quality and quantity of sensors.

In a market where cell phones with cameras up to 108 MP are already a reality, it seems that the next step would be obvious: increase the resolution.

The publication says that the device will be equipped with an SM7250 chip, the code used by the Snapdragon 765, which means that, despite the tough camera, the device will not be a top of the line. This chip does not support HDR and multi-frame processing at 192 MP resolution.

LG and Xiaomi are candidates

At the moment, LG and Xiaomi are the two manufacturers most likely to launch the mysterious device. In the case of LG, there are rumors that the South Korean should reveal a device with a Snapdragon 700 series chip and support for the 5G next month.

Xiaomi was the first to launch smartphones with 64 MP and 108 MP cameras last year. For this reason, it appears as one of the manufacturers most likely to take this (long) step further.


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