Phobia: We Interview The Directors Of The Long-Awaited Brazilian Horror Game


Phobia: For a long time, the term “Brazilian game” was in the minds of fans as a synonym for a simple product; and this correlation, which was never correct, has made less and less sense. With 72% of the inhabitants of Brazil playing some type of game, according to the Game Brasil 2021 Survey (PGB), this is a market that is in clear evolution in the local scenario.

Also according to PGB, between 2020 and last year there was a growth of 14.8% of Brazilians who said that digital games are among their main forms of entertainment (78.9% this year against 64.1% in 2020). The number of people who consider themselves gamers has also increased significantly in the last 2 years, from 33% to 62%. Despite showing a pandemic cutout, in which many people found themselves confined at home and opted for games, the consolidated data reveal an escalation.

PGB 2021

Analysis consultancy Newzoo estimated that in 2017 the video games sector in Brazil had 66.3 million players and that the market was worth around US$ 1.3 billion in sales. In 2021, the company’s expectation is that electronic games in the country will reach 94.7 million players and a record value of US$ 2.3 billion (an increase of 5.1% compared to 2020).

With the figures circling back and forth and players opening their pockets, investing in this sector seems increasingly attractive. A recent example is Magazine Luiza. The national retail giant announced in November the creation of Magalu Games, an arm of the brand focused on the development of hypercasual electronic games (for mobile devices). In addition to financing and acting as a publisher of Brazilian projects, Magalu Games should invest in products for PC and consoles.

With superlative numbers and the market becoming less and less a niche business, it is already possible to say that the local gaming scene is completely consolidated. And one of the symptoms of this strength is the national production of games, whose title Phobia — St. Dinfna Hotel is one of the main releases of all times. To understand a little more behind the scenes of the game, Voxel spoke with the directors of Pulsatrix, the São Paulo studio responsible for the project.