Philips’ new wireless headset Fidelio T1 is introduced!


Being an active manufacturer in the accessory market, Philips takes the experience one step further with its new wireless headset, Fidelio T1. Music-focused and in-ear design, the Fidelio T1 offers some big promises when it comes to sound quality.

Philips Fidelio T1 specifications

Having 10mm dynamic and balanced sound drivers, the headset promises a good acoustic experience with this feature. Active noise canceling, which is one of the features we look for most in high-end earphones, appeared in this earphone fancy as Advanced Hybrid Noise Cancellation Pro Plus. We can say that the silicone in-ear headphone design, which is indispensable in music-oriented headphones, is also given its due.

Working with the latest version Bluetooth 5.2, Philips Fidelio T1 supports the LDAC codec that offers high quality sound. We can comment that the battery life, which is the biggest expectation from wireless headphones, is also good. With active noise canceling turned on, 9 hours of use is offered on a single charge. If you carry the charging box with you, you get 25 hours of use in total. These numbers say that the headphones’ own batteries are pretty big. The box of the headset charges in two hours, and by charging the box for 15 minutes, you get one hour of use.

Being a premium headphone, the Philips Fidelio T1 is also good at small surprises. The IR sensor, which is not persistently added to some of the high-end headphones, is present in this headset. Thanks to this sensor, the music stops automatically when you take off the headphones. For those who have used this feature in another headset before, the IR sensor has become indispensable. Another nice detail is that it has IPX4 waterproof certification.


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