Philips Launches 49” 165 Hz Ultrawide Brilliance Monitor


Philips: Manufacturer Philips has announced a new curved, ultrawide monitor that acts as if they were two high-performance screens. More specifically, according to the company itself, it’s as if you were using “two 27″ Quad HD and 16:9 monitors side by side”.

This is the Brilliance 498P9Z, which has Dual HQD resolution (5120×1440 pixels) and delivers high performance for games and jobs that demand a lot of visual resources.

The product features standard DisplayHDR 400 color display technology with a refresh rate of 165 Hz and 32:9 aspect ratio (SuperWide).

The monitor also has an 1800r curvature, which “hugs” the user’s field of view, as well as a low-intensity blue light mode so as not to harm your eyes’ health even with longer use.

The settings also include a feature called MultiView, which allows you to connect multiple devices and split the display, such as a notebook and a desktop.

The generation also supports Adaptive-Sync, which brings dedicated gaming performance respecting the best possible frame rate and bringing better response time. The base has height and angle adjustment so you can find the most comfortable position to wear.


For now, the Brilliance 498P9Z has not received a release date or suggested price. The device is to be launched initially in European markets.


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