Philips Hue Introduces Its New Feature at CES 2020


Philips is one of the first names that come to our minds when it comes to lighting. Hue received positive feedback from the consumer and was introduced in detail with new updates. Philips has also announced new outdoor lighting.

It is possible to introduce the Philips Hue as a smart light bulb for those who don’t know it. Since then, Philips has been working hard to develop new technologies, and at CES 2020, Philips introduced innovations to its existing product, the Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box.

A small box-shaped device connects to the TV and the content lights you see on the screen are synchronized with the lights of your room. Movies, games or watched videos pass through this box and the brightness and color of the light in the room you are sitting in are automatically adjusted. This provides an integrative viewing experience for the audience.

The voice command system that is not in the device is actually the main subject of our news. Formerly no support for volume control, the box will now officially support Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant with a new update. All users need to do is wait for the new update to arrive. In addition, an infrared control system will be added to the contents of the box was announced.

New outdoor lighting also introduced
Another innovation introduced at the CES 2020 is Philips’ new outdoor lighting. The new Lily XL and Echonic series will also feature low-voltage options. The Lily X spotlight provides greater and stronger illumination, while Econic has a low-voltage light output. The US prices of the products that are expected to start selling in March will be $ 139.99 and $ 129.99, respectively.


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