Philips Ambilight TVs are here with Soundbar!


Philips continues to appear before users with television campaigns in this period, where much more time is spent at home due to the coronavirus epidemic. Philips, which has been discounted on many models so far, this time announced the Soundbar Bundle campaign for users who buy Ambilight TV.

In this context, users who purchase one of the TV models with Philips Ambilight included in the campaign will receive a 44 percent Soundbar discount if they add any of the Philips B6305, B6405 soundbar models to the cart.

Although the picture quality is very important for a home theater experience, high resolution does not mean much if there is no immersive sound experience. Philips TAB6405 and TAB6305 are two models that can meet this need.

44 percent Soundbar discount for Philips Ambilight TV purchasers

Actually, the only difference between the two models is color. 2.1 channel devices support Dolby Digital format. In this way, an immersive sound experience becomes possible, while movies or music become more enjoyable thanks to the rich bass.

In both models, 80W speaker output power is accompanied by 60W subwoofer output power, with a total output power of 140W RMS.

Connected to your TV via HDMI ARC, Philips soundbar offers the opportunity to control the volume directly from the TV remote. The included IR repeater allows you to use your TV remote control even if you place the soundbar in front of the TV’s IR sensor.

TV models within the scope of the campaign: 43PUS7805 / 62, 50PUS7805 / 62, 50PUS8505 / 62, 55OLED805 / 12, 55PUS7805 / 62, 55PUS9435 / 12, 58PUS8505 / 62, 65OLED805 / 12, 65OLED935 / 12, 65PUS7805 / 625, 65PUS , 65PUS9435 / 12, 70PUS7805 / 12, 70PUS8505 / 12, 75PUS7805 / 12, 75PUS8505 / 12


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