Phil Spencer works to normalize Xbox Series X |S inventory


The new Xbox Series X | S had a great launch at the end of last year and, even with the arrival of 2021, it is still difficult to find them in stock in stores around the world. Phil Spencer, the Xbox boss, is aware of the problem and has already promised solutions.

In a conversation with Major Nelson – which you can check out from the 27:17 minutes of the video below – Phil said that the Xbox team is working “as hard as possible” to ensure that the maximum consoles are delivered to players. Check out:

“We launched the consoles and we would like to have even more of them, because they are selling too fast,” celebrated Phil. “I see some people asking why we don’t assemble them anymore and earlier, but everything is limited to engineering and physics. We are not holding stock or anything, in fact we are building video games as fast as we can on many production lines!”

Considering the production limitations and high demand, the team’s expectation is that inventories will only be normalized around our autumn of 2021. And you, have you managed to buy yours? What do you think of the new generation so far? Comment below!

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