Phil Spencer wants us to stream xCloud on consoles


The head of the Xbox division assures that the xCloud team is working on it and believes that it would be a great addition to Game Pass, although not in the short term.

For many, xCloud is the future of Xbox. Since last September, Microsoft’s streaming service has allowed us to play more than 100 titles on our mobile that until now were only available on our consoles and computers. For this we only need a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and a Wi-Fi internet connection (or mobile data at 5 GHz and 10 Mbps down). The cloud takes care of the rest and we can even add controls and accessories to handle the mobile as well as the rest of the platforms.

Well, after the latest statements by Phil Spencer on social networks, it seems that the streaming game could also be a very real option in the future on PC and consoles (perhaps on Xbox Series X / S?). Watch out for his words after a user asked him about it: “Yes, we want to do it. It’s on the list of things the xCloud team is working on, but it’s still a little lower on the list. But yes We want PC and console gamers to be able to access their games as easily as mobile devices. It’s a nice feature for Game Pass.

Amazon also moves tab

The one that has fully launched into streaming, in addition to Google with Stadia, is Amazon, which at the end of September announced Luna, a new cloud gaming service in the purest Netflix style. For $ 5.99 per month, the company will offer us the option to play a catalog of more than 100 titles on all our devices. It will allow reaching 4K and 60 fps (if we have a connection of at least 35 Mbps) and has confirmed names such as Control, Resident Evil 7, GRID, A Plague Tale: Innocence, Yooka-Laylee, The Surge 2, for its library. Abzu and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Its launch date is unknown, but it is set as “soon” and it already has a website open for those who want to participate in its early access. If you want to know its new command, characteristics or the agreements it has reached with the publishers (Ubisoft will give its catalog, for example), this article reviews everything.

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