Phil Spencer wants single player games in Game Pass


The manager reflects on the state of the Xbox Game Pass catalog and how it needs to improve to be more versatile: single player titles.

Microsoft does not impose a rule on studios that publish their titles on Xbox Game Pass to be multiplayer or for single player, but Phil Spencer does prefer that there be titles that users “are playing all the time.” The manager, visible head of Xbox and the head of the brand, has reflected on GameReactor on the present and future of the service, which already has more than 15 million subscribers, and recognizes that they must continue working on enriching experiences for a single player.

“In recent times we have been following in the wake of adopting a model more focused on multiplayer”

“For us, having projects in the subscription that have a beginning, development and ending, and then players can enjoy another title, is the best thing that can happen to Game Pass,” he says, since he does not want to convert Xbox Game Pass on a World of Warcraft-style service, where users spend dozens, if not hundreds of hours on a single title capable of agglomerating everything.

“These types of works can be the ones that simply tell a story for one player, for example, I just finished Tell Me Why, an extraordinary project by DontNod. For many reasons this is better than having only two titles that are monopolizing all the attention of the subscription ”, it expands in its reasoning.

Spencer wants the list of available games to grow, to be more and more varied and encompass more ideas, more concepts and perspectives: “a diversity between single-player and multiplayer titles, that’s my goal.” Although Spencer does not hide his wish: “If there is something I would like to see, it is more single-player titles from our exclusive studios, because, as an organization, in recent times we have been following in the wake of adopting a model more focused on multiplayer” , like Sea of ​​Thieves, the extended multiplayer of Gears 5 or Forza Horizon 4, among many others with millions of players on Xbox Game Pass.

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Xbox Game Pass is available on the Xbox One family of consoles, it will be launched on Xbox Series X | S and can also be enjoyed with a dedicated catalog on PC (Windows 10) and Android mobile devices via streaming. In the future, Microsoft does not rule out reaching more platforms.


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