Phil Spencer Thinks 8K: It Won’t Be The Game Standard


The Xbox manager denies this resolution for the moment and trusts 4K, he believes that we are far from standardizing that technology.

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox and vice president at Microsoft, believes that 8K resolution is far from standardized in the video game market; it may never even be widely adopted in the e-entertainment industry. Despite the fact that Xbox Series X will have an output port capable of offering 8K content, the North American manager has been skeptical of this scenario.

“I think 8K is more of an aspirational technology,” he says in a recent meeting with Wired. “The display capabilities of the devices are not there yet, I think we are light years away from 8K being, if it ever succeeds in being one, a standard in video games”, especially because even in 2020 many people do not have from an Ultra HD TV.

With regard to ray tracing, another of the great novelties that the new generation of consoles from both Sony and Microsoft intend to offer, Spencer recognizes that the real impact that this technology has had so far is far from what was promised, he qualifies it as “ irregular”. In his words: “When I think of games where ray tracing could have a radical impact on my experience as a player, I think it is something irregular.” It is therefore to be hoped that in the coming years the gaming community can begin to see tangibly the results of ray tracing in video games, with its benefits in terms of lighting and detail in the environments.

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