Phil Spencer Suggests Preserving Old Games With Emulators


Phil Spencer: As much as companies release new games and consoles, there are those who at one time or another like to look at older video game titles. However, not all of these games are capable of running cleanly on current platforms, which is why Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division at Microsoft, revealed that Microsoft uses emulators in some cases – and urges the industry to do the same .

“My expectations (and I think I need to present this the way we do now) is that as an industry we can work on some kind of emulation in a legal way to allow modern consoles to (without exception) run old software allowing people to play games any title,” Spencer commented to the Axios website.

In the case of Microsoft, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S run some Xbox 360 and original Xbox games using this technique – so this would be the most viable way for all competitors to possibly give access to their entire libraries of old games in a cool way.