Phil Spencer says there is no problem with the Halo output


During an interview for Game Spot on the 11th of this month, Phil Spencer again commented on the development of Halo Infinite, now giving new information about the recent changes that have taken place at 343 Industries, which is in charge of producing the new title for Master Chief franchise.

After a series of losses from devs in the studio, the recent abandonment of director Chris Lee has sparked a series of speculations about the planning of Halo Infinite, with several players and rumors pointing out that the project was troubled and quite behind schedule. However, Phil Spencer immediately tried to reassure fans of the saga, stating that there is no need to worry about the game, as everything is going well in the studio.

According to the Xbox boss, turnover within 343 Industries is important and the revision of the Halo Infinite launch strategy was necessary, especially after the negative feedback proposed in the game’s presentation. “We take feedback from the July showcase event seriously, both on the date and on what people expected from the game,” said Spencer. “It was a failure on our part, on my part, to open our July showcase with Halo Infinite and, a few weeks later, have to change the date.”

Chris Lee was replaced by Joseph Staten, a veteran of Bungie, who currently leads the production of Halo Infinite.

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