Phil Spencer says he should have more black leaders


During an interview with Kotaku, Phil Spencer, Xbox boss, commented on some important topics about participation in the games industry, reinforcing the idea of ​​black representation and diversity in leadership positions not only in his company, but in all corporations and developers.

In recent years, especially after the Black Lives Matter events, which Microsoft has publicly supported, the company has seen a considerable increase in the participation of blacks in its North American offices, increasing from 1.1% in 2016 to 4, 7%, in 2020. Despite this, the numbers are still considered insufficient if questioned with the potential for diversity, and the idea is to further expand the participation of blacks in positions of leadership and management.

“The area where I think we really need to focus more as an industry, including my own team, are, as you said, visible leaders,” said Spencer, commenting that blacks end up gaining fewer opportunities than other races in the video game industry. “Because there was a generation when that didn’t happen.”

“And as these people move up within the organization, you get a lot of people like me. And we don’t need more people like me in our organization, “he continued.” We need a more diverse team. So, I would say that, for our focus now, I think of representing managers. ”

Microsoft currently serves its own Diversity and Inclusion report, which aims to maintain uniform and representative teams in its offices and studios, with plans to double the participation of blacks and African Americans in its facilities by 2025.

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