Phil Spencer praises Nintendo’s work: ‘they were pioneers’


Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division at Microsoft, recently appeared in a documentary entitled Playing With Power: The Nintendo Story (with excerpts compiled by the Videogames Chronicles website – you can see a short excerpt below, and the full version on Crackle), in which talked about the importance of Big N in the games market and other subjects.

Overall, Spencer stressed that Mario’s creative company was a pioneer, and that much of what we have today owes it. In addition, he also talked about some consoles and even the period when Microsoft tried to acquire Nintendo (this you can check by clicking here).

“Nintendo had great importance in making the world of games safe and inviting to the family, in addition to bringing always interesting experiences on their platforms. I think they were pioneers and vital to the industry that we have today. I don’t think we can separate the game industry from Nintendo, ”commented Spencer.

“I always say that Nintendo’s health is something we should be concerned with in the industry, and seeing how they grow and innovate this market is something great for everyone, and also a motivator for us to do our best on the Xbox”, concluded the executive .

Phil Spencer Islands

The boss of the Xbox also talked about the Wii, the GameCube and the Nintendo 64. On the first, he expressed his opinion on the issue of Nintendo having been brave in doing something that no one had ever tried. However, he commented to this day that he did not understand what happened to the company when he imagined the control of the 64-bit console.

“I still don’t understand the control, to be honest. I think there are a lot of controls in one, and you need three hands to play with him ”, he stressed.



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