Phil Spencer Plays Xbox on xCloud on Steam Deck and Praises Console


Phil Spencer announced on his Twitter that he’s had a Steam Deck in his hands for almost a week and has been enjoying what Valve’s portable has to offer. He praised the console and highlighted that xCloud works very well on it, allowing you to play Xbox games on the device via the cloud.

“I was at Valve this week talking to Scott, Erik and Gabe about the Steam Deck. After having mine for most of the week, I can say it’s a pretty good device. controls are great. Playing Halo and Age is really good, xCloud works fine. Congratulations to the SD team.” – said the Xbox leader in his tweet, free translation.

It’s no surprise that it’s possible to play Xbox games on the Steam Deck, but it’s an interesting reminder. Valve’s handheld console is basically a small PC, so just log in to xCloud through a compatible browser and start playing. As long as you are in a region that supports xCloud, of course.

Other than that, Xbox games that can be purchased through Steam can be played offline normally, just like you would on any PC.

Of course, the Steam Deck won’t offer the same performance for the same value as a traditional PC, due to its portability. The feel and experience of playing on the console has a huge impact on whether or not the product is worth it, so Phil Spencer’s praise in this part is also quite relevant.


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