Phil Spencer on opening July event with Halo Infinite


The manager once again criticizes himself and declares that he has no concern for 343 Industries despite the internal changes.

Halo Infinite continues to be the game called to become a benchmark in the Xbox exclusive games catalog during the newly launched new generation. The 343 Industries title was shown in style at the July Xbox Games Showcase in a state that led to its delay from November 2020 to an undetermined time in 2021. Phil Spencer, Xbox Chief Executive Officer, has acknowledged that starting the event with this title “was a mistake.”

Speaking to GameSpot, who is also responsible for Xbox Game Studios now having 23 exclusive development teams for this ecosystem believes that it is “healthy” that changes are taking place internally; it is something that does not concern him at all. The departure of some positions of responsibility and the return of others like Joseph Staten make Spencer optimistic about the direction that Halo Infinite is taking in which it is assumed is its last year of development.

Phil Spencer is not concerned about internal changes at 343 Industries

“When some things appear in the press, or when certain things are announced internally, it has actually been months before,” he adds, hinting that the changes in the internal structure at 343 Industries are not overnight, but rather that the moment The announcement has brought with it a weighted role-swapping process.

“It was a mistake on our part, for my part, to open the July event with Halo Infite and have to delay its date a couple of weeks later,” he says without hesitation. Spencer reasons and makes it clear that the feelings of the fans are an important aspect for them; It is not a banal element, it is his roadmap, especially when he recently acknowledged that they would have loved to have the game at the launch of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. “I do not take the feelings and emotions of our fans lightly. We set some expectations, which was something you were going to have at launch, and then have to change that expectation not too long after you presented it. It was a mistake”.

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However, Halo Infinite will not be released in 2022, but in 2021, they have insisted on several occasions, while denying an eventual cancellation of the Xbox One version of the game. Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC are the confirmed platforms. Although there is nothing determined, Spencer does not rule out launching the campaign and the multiplayer mode (which will be free to play) separately.


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