Phil Spencer Judges Sony’s Strategies Compared to Microsoft


Phil Spencer: This week, during a virtual conference with Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO Phil Spencer, the Xbox leader, shared some thoughts on Sony’s launch strategies compared to Microsoft’s.

Without directly citing the competitor, Spencer pointed out that his company’s games are released simultaneously for several platforms, including PC. Sony would wait years for the versions to become available, “charging [users] a second time.”

“At the moment, we are the only company that launches its games for console, PC and cloud at the same time,” he said during the conference that prepared everyone for the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase, which will be held next Sunday ( 13).

“And, of course, all of our games have been on our subscription service from day one,” he recalled.

Also during the meeting, Spencer emphasized the importance of the PC for gamers. “We have a great opportunity for growth on the PC. We are constantly expanding to simultaneously distribute our original games,” he said. “Last year, we were able to double sales for this platform,” he said.

Game Launch Strategies on Simultaneous Platforms

According to Phil Spencer, there will be a continued growth in the interest of users playing on PC starting next year.

“With cloud gaming, we will have the ability to bring major releases to millions of PCs even with Windows versions below spec. Those that so far have not been able to support some [of our] successful titles,” he said.

Interestingly, Sony’s PlayStation has argued in recent weeks that it is committed to ramping up its output for PC. In this sense, it is worth remembering that in a corporate report published in 2020, the company stated that it will explore its different possibilities to improve its launch strategies on the platform in question.

To exemplify the Xbox boss’s critique, Sony released the first PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn only in 2020, about three years after the title debuted on PS4. The company clearly prioritizes consoles when distributing its games.

Even with the company’s expectations released to the public last year, Hermen Hulst, head of PlayStation Studios, in a recent interview with PlayStation Blog, reinforced that plans involving PC are still in the initial stages.

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