Phil Spencer in Backdrop, Xbox Series S Too Small


We know the Xbox Series X is a powerful support when contrasted with Xbox One and One X. We additionally know the PlayStation 5 is one of the taller frameworks going to the market. Yet, exactly how huge is Microsoft’s “littlest Xbox ever,” Xbox Series S? You just need to look at Phil Spencer’s rack to get a thought.

As per the authority Xbox Twitter account, the top of the organization has had the framework on his rack in livestream since July 1. Indeed, the organization brought up it with an amplifying glass like it’s a round of Where’s Xbox. It’s so little, it’s simply been stowing away close to some white stuff like fasteners and such.

It’s hard to call attention to. The zoom, while supportive, doesn’t actually make it clear that what’s behind Spencer is, truth be told, the Xbox Series S. In any case, that is likely a demonstration of the discless framework’s size.

As indicated by legitimate determinations, the Series S is 10.8 inches tall, 5.9 inches down, and 2.5 inches wide when stood vertically. For examination, the Series X is 11.8 inches tall and 5.9 inches down and wide.

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