Phil Spencer has already played Elden Rings


The Xbox manager can’t say much obviously, but he leaves promising clues for the future. We haven’t heard from Elden Rings for a long time, the highly anticipated project by From Software and Hidetaka Miyazaki with the collaboration of George R.R. Martin. There have been no new videos, no information, we don’t even have a clear idea of ​​what kind of game we are going to find. That is why the statements of Phil Spencer are remarkable, in an interview with Gamespot on various aspects of the current panorama for the studio, where he has shared the fact that he has already played a bit of the new From Software game, calling it the “most popular game. ambitious of the director “.

Of course he hasn’t been able to extend much further than that, but Spencer is clear on what he thinks: “I’ve been playing all of Miyazki’s games for a decade now and this is clearly the most ambitious game he’s ever made,” stating that, “I They love his games, but looking at some of the mechanics he’s putting in place, what he and the team are doing with the setting, the work that they’re doing with another creator as far as the story goes. ”

Miyazaki’s Most Ambitious Game

This fits with Miyazaki’s own statements, last September, when in a conference on Sekiro and his creative process he mentioned that: “basically, I decide the thematic axes of the video game that must be made first, the motives and the focus of the universe. Now we’re developing a game called Elden Ring, which is the biggest and deepest video game we’ve ever made. I feel like we’re challenging ourselves to create a game. ”

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Spencer doesn’t contribute much else, beyond praising the director’s “passion” and how he enjoys talking and working with him until his games appear on the platforms he supervises. Therefore, there are always the same doubts about the project, particularly its launch date, although without a doubt that the expectation with such statements will only grow until we can learn more about the game.


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