Phil Spencer Does Not Rule Out Game Pass On Other Consoles


Phil Spencer: Xbox division head Phil Spencer has said he is open to further talks to bring the Xbox Game Pass service to what he called “closed platforms.” However, while open to negotiations, the Xbox boss also said there was no plan for now or in the future. In an interview with GamesRadar, Spencer also said that console wars are detrimental to the growth of the games industry.

Although he didn’t directly name the companies, the Xbox head was referring to Sony’s PlayStation division and Nintendo. According to him, who is also the vice president of games at Microsoft, the goal is to bring the complete Xbox experience to other open platforms.

“People often ask me about releasing one game or another in particular [on closed platforms],” explains Phil Spencer. “And what I mean is, we want to deliver the full Xbox experience.”

Microsoft’s focus is on open platforms

In the interview, the Xbox boss also said that the key to delivering this complete experience lies in the Game Pass. “We don’t have any plans to bring specific games to any kind of closed platform at the moment, mainly because they don’t want something like the Game Pass,” says Spencer firmly.

Until such negotiations take place, Microsoft’s focus will be on what the company calls “open platforms,” which include computers, mobile devices and even browsers — in the case of xCloud.

Aim is to bring the full Game Pass experience to other platforms

Microsoft’s VP of Games even made a “good neighbor policy” by saying he’s not attacking companies that have a different system that works for them. Spencer called Game Pass a “disruptive” service that may not fit what other executives are currently looking for.

“Ultimately, when we say we want everyone to be able to play on Xbox” — continues Phil Spencer — “we’re saying we’re totally open to these discussions if we can bring the full experience to a device that gamers want.” completes the executive.


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