Phil Spencer does not refuse launch multiplayer separately


The title was planned as a launch game for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, but has ultimately been delayed until 2021.

The arrival of Halo Infinite as the launch title for Microsoft’s new consoles was cut short a few months after the arrival of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. The lukewarm response from players when seeing the campaign in action was an indication that there was than to delay it to offer the video game that everyone would expect from a saga like the one starring the Master Chief. With his eyes fixed on 2021, Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, has suggested the possibility that the main story and the multiplayer – which will be free-to-play – will be released separately. He has done so in his recent interview with Kotaku, where he has also reflected on the Bethesda purchase, among other topics.

“Bonnie [Ross, the head of the Halo series] and the team will make those kinds of decisions,” says Spencer. He adds: “I think if we want to make sure that players feel like they have the Halo experience we need to look at options like that. According to the manager, it is necessary to think of solutions of this kind. “But we want to certify that we do it well,” he stresses.

No specific release date

343 Industries, the study that took the witness of Bungie when this developer became independent from Microsoft, said in the past that they had not seriously considered that possibility, so we will have to see how these months of development go. At the moment, beyond the fact that 2021 is the planned year for Halo Infinite, there is no further information on the release date. Given the rumors and leaks that have occurred on the network, Brian Jarred, community director, recalled that they have not yet decided on a specific date, so all the information that has come out about it is pure “speculation”.

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Gossips were also talking about a possible cancellation of the Xbox One version, but 343 Industries has also denied it. If everything continues as announced, the game will be released on that console, on PC and on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. In addition, it will be available on Xbox Game Pass from day one.


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