Phil Spencer Comments On NFT Games: ‘More Exploration Than Fun’


Phil Spencer: Yesterday (16), during an interview with Stephen Totilo from Axios, Phil Spencer commented a little about NFT games and what are the possibilities for Xbox to approach them in the future.

For those unfamiliar, this game category is blockchain-based — like Ethereum and Bitcoin — giving players the opportunity to earn or spend cryptocurrencies.

While Spencer didn’t deny that the company is following the huge success of NFTs in the industry, he also said that implementing them in the Microsoft store might seem like an exploit to fans, and anything that conveys that impression to the community isn’t quite- coming on your platforms.

“I don’t believe it’s necessary for all NFT games to be exploitative. And I can understand that early on you see a lot of things that you probably don’t want to have in your store,” explained Phil.

In addition, the Xbox division head believes it still takes time for the potential of this category of titles to be properly realized, and is more interested in entertaining his gamer base than getting “on that wave” too soon.