Phil Spencer Claims Not To ‘Waste Energy’ On Console Warfare


Phil Spencer: In an interview with Edge, a UK gaming magazine, Phil Spencer – head of the Xbox division – was asked his opinion of the infamous traditional console warfare, replying that he doesn’t see the point in this “conflict” and that he doesn’t. productive for the growth of the industry.

“I spend zero energy on how to make other platforms smaller so the Xbox gets bigger. I’m more interested in the growing market than stealing a part from someone else. And that’s why we focus on things like cross-play and cross-saves. I think about these scenarios of why you and I might not be able to play something together, and it shouldn’t be because of the console you bought versus the one I bought,” Spencer said.

In addition, the executive also said that, from his point of view, his main competitors in the sector are not companies like Nintendo and Sony, but Amazon and Google, big names in the areas of cloud and streaming.

“No disrespect to Nintendo and Sony, but traditional game companies are a little out of position. I think they could try to recreate Azure, but we’ve invested tens of billions of dollars in cloud over the years. I don’t want to get into a format fight with these guys while Amazon and Google are focusing on how to bring games to 7 billion people around the world. Ultimately, that’s our goal,” Phil explained.