Phil Spencer Believes In The Future of Narrative-Focused Games


Phil Spencer, the charismatic boss of Xbox, gave an interview to The Guardian website and shared a bit of his view on the current video game market, making a point of emphasizing that Microsoft will not leave projects focused on narrative aside.

“I think we’re making more games in this style now than at any time in Xbox history,” Phil mused. “We don’t have any guidelines or rules stating that every game needs to be supported by long-term live services.”

Phil also recalled that these riskier projects can benefit from xCloud streaming technology, in addition to broad exposure through the Xbox Game Pass. “Look at Psychonauts, for example. There may be a third chapter of it someday, but I would never go to Tim Schafer to pass orders on how or what he should work on.”

“After all, knowing the history of the games he’s worked on, I don’t think Tim would think of making games with seasons and being updated for five years or more.” Rather than relocate the in-house studios out of their comfort zone, Phil Spencer said he would prefer to invest in outside talent.

Do you agree with the Xbox boss’s view of the market? Do you think Microsoft’s consoles are already well served by narrative-focused releases? What is your favorite story from this generation? Comment below!