Phil Spencer backs his strategy with Xbox Series X: gamers before console


The manager believes that users must choose where to play, regardless of whether it is a PC or a console. Summarize your strategy for the future in three factors.

Phil Spencer wants to establish the Xbox concept as an ecosystem and not so much as a platform. After knowing that no one will be left behind during the first two years of Xbox Series X’s life, since the titles of their internal studies will be intergenerational in nature, now the manager responsible for the brand has summarized his strategy for the three main keys new generation.

Because the player is the main axis in that strategy, not so much the console. In a meeting with fellow 3DJuegos colleagues, Spencer made his position clear: “Obviously, on an Xbox console you get the full Xbox experience: Game Pass is there, Xbox Live is there, our first party games are there… years, we have been working hard to bring that complete experience to the PC ”, so that now on PC you have both Xbox Live and on-demand services such as Xbox Game Pass. His vision does not change and he wants everything to continue in this direction. “For us, it’s about creating that complete Xbox experience wherever they want to play.”

Ease of access for all types of players: three keys

“I’m not going to dictate what every third party studio has to support, but what we see in today’s world is that players want to play with their friends no matter what device they have,” regardless of whether it’s a Windows 10 PC, an Xbox One or a future Xbox Series X, adds in this regard. “People want to play the largest selection of games and developers want to be able to use the best technology available. We have built this plan with those three aspects in mind and we feel really good about being where we are. ”

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Before it was consoles that marked the way; Now, however, the technological advance in compatible has taken the lead and, inevitably, the hardware on the console had to read this enormous distance. “I think today, if we look at the PC ecosystem, we see that some of the games with better graphics are on high-end computers, and some of those games are also capable of running on somewhat older computers with less capabilities.” .

Xbox Series X seeks to establish a simple architecture, ease for developers and thus enable a clear capacity for both large and small studios to work on this new console. Also for this reason Xbox One does not disappear from the equation, because it is now presented as a cheaper solution (in the case of Xbox One S; the rest are officially discontinued) and easily accessible for those who do not seek brutal power.

We recall that this Thursday, July 23, Microsoft will broadcast the Xbox Games Showcase, an hour-long digital streaming event where we will meet great titles for Xbox Series X from its internal studios. Halo: Infinite will be there; the console will launch sometime this Christmas.


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