Phil Spencer argues that Game Pass pricing is sustainable


Speaking to the Dropped Frames podcast, Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, said he believed the current fees charged for the Xbox Game Pass subscription are “completely sustainable” for the company.

The presenters asked Phil about the possibility of maintaining these costs in the long run, to which he replied “I’ll be honest: there are developers who are concerned about the Game Pass, and my mailbox is there, where I have constant conversations with them about long-term goals. ”

“What they ask the most is ‘hey, is this model just to retain a lot of players and then raise the value right afterwards?’, And I say that there is no plan on our part to do something like this. We like the price of Game Pass today and, as a business model, it is completely sustainable as it is now, and I mean it! ”

In addition, Phil added some more praise for the Game Pass facilities, pointing out that “the more positive side is that we can do more creative daring than in the traditional retail market. We can approve games that millions will play on the Game Pass, but that maybe didn’t have that much shelf space. ”

And you, what do you think of the service? Do you agree with Phil’s thinking? Comment below!

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