Phil Spencer already has Steam Deck: “Halo feels good”


Steam: The Xbox boss is already enjoying Valve’s new laptop. After testing the machine for several days, he raves about it. Steam Deck hits the market in December of this year, although there are those who have already been lucky enough to try Valve’s new and ambitious laptop PC. One of them is Phil Spencer, the leader of Xbox, and it seems that everything he has seen in the last few days has quickly convinced him. In a message posted on Twitter in which he attaches an image of the machine to his credit, Spencer has been praised for it.

Beyond confessing that this week he has been in the offices of Valve talking with some members of the company – including Gabe Newell – about Steam Deck, the charismatic head of Xbox assures that after several days testing the machine, “it is about a really nice device ”and that“ the screen and controls ”, as well as Halo itself (it does not specify which game it has played) feel really good at the controls. Finally, he was also satisfied to see how xCloud, Microsoft’s streaming gaming platform, works.

Steam Deck: everything you need to know

Unlike other portable consoles, the best definition to talk about Steam Deck is to do it thinking about a laptop that offers different configurations and price ranges. At MeriStation we have closely followed all the news in this regard, so we offer you all the information so that you do not have any problem in knowing what Steam Deck is, what you can do with it and what purchase options best suit your needs. Here is a compilation of links of interest.


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