Phasmophobia’s success should reconsider future plans


In an interview with IGN, Dknighter, a solo developer at the studio Kinetic Games, commented on his plans for the cooperative horror multiplayer Phasmophobia, bringing new information about the improvements that the game should receive. According to the dev, the game’s popularity may cause early access to be extended in order to include more content and make timely corrections.

Currently, Phasmophobia is one of the most watched games on Twitch and YouTube channels, with its number of players growing systematically. Exclusive to PC, the game is still in early access on Steam, but the period should be expanded to better meet the expectations of the community.

“At the moment, my only focus is to fix the major bugs before I start working on the new content,” said Dknighter, saying the next update will be a major stability and bug fix update. “Once these bugs are fixed, the new content is likely to be bundled into major updates. All new updates can be played in the beta version of the game, which everyone can access through Steam. ”

Dknighter concludes that the idea is to maintain the structure of Phasmophobia, without disturbing the cooperative game system. At the moment, the dev does not think of pitting asymmetrical mechanics of 4 hunters against 1 ghost – as is the case with Dead By Daylight – and intends to keep threats under the command of artificial intelligence.

At the moment, there is still no prediction about when the game will leave the state of early access.

Phasmophobia is available for PC.

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