Phasmophobia update allows ghosts to touch you


Phasmophobia gained some news in the most recent update, among the highlights, the fact that the player can be touched by ghosts. The game developer studio Kinetic Games, shared the changes that come with the update, including bug fixes and new goals, via Twitter.

Check out the tweet below with the changes made.

In the publication, the studio marks the company B Haptics (@bhaptics), which has a suit able to pass sensations of the game through small impulses. The special outfit focuses mainly on VR games, making shooting and horror games much more immersive. In Phasmophobia, the player can also feel that a ghost is close, in addition to the touch when it occurs.

Among the repairs, the note mentions the bug in which the player takes the picture of evidence and it does not appear, problems with movement in virtual reality devices and other glitches. The studio also guarantees that problems in the players’ interaction with some specific objects have been fixed.

In addition to the changes above, ghosts can now blow out candles if they are close enough, which promises to add more dynamism to the game.

Other than that, there are new objectives to be fulfilled, among them:

1.Detect the presence of a ghost with a candle
2.Detect Ghost footprints with a parabolic microphone during a hunt
3.Intermediate and Professional: Escape the Phantom during a hunt with zero kills
4.Professional: use a smudge stick while the ghost is hunting a player
5.Multiplayer: Get average sanity below 25%

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Phasmophobia has been available on Early Access since September 2020, the game is paid for, can be played via Steam on up to four players.


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