Phasmophobia update adds 3 new ghosts and more


Phasmophobia is still popular among those who search for fears online to experience them with others, especially in the streaming community. Being one of the highest rated games on Steam, Kinetic is interested in keeping their joint ghost hunting in good condition. One of the most important aspects is the list of ghostly creatures in the game, and the latest update has added a few more, as well as many other tweaks and quality of life changes.

In a recent post on the Steam page for phasmophobia, the deployment of the v0.6.2.0 update, which was called “Truck Overhaul”, began. One of the biggest changes in the game is the appearance of three new ghosts: Deogen, Moroi and Tay. However, unlike the previous patch notes, the studio is not going to reveal any spoilers about the abilities of these ghosts. Instead, players will be given the opportunity to work together and see if they can “uncover the truth.”

Ghosts are the most important aspect of phasmophobia, but there is something else in this rather important patch. As the name suggests, this newest update also recycles the truck in which all players start the game. His layout was changed and he was given a new model. Perhaps the most intriguing change is that items are now placed on the wall, rather than on shelves, as was usual until now. On top of that, there have been changes in the mechanics of voice recognition. Now the game will support many more languages, and the developer has added new input parameters, for example, noise suppression.

This is quite an interesting update, adding even more things to the game and making everything OK. Of course, fans are still hoping for the addition of new levels. The last new map added to Phasmophobia was Maple Lodge Campsite, the first open level of the game. It was last October, when a new nightmarish complexity appeared in the patch, so many are looking for new locations at some point in the future.

Overall, it looks like Kinetic Games is doing well in 2020. This is one of the best horror games to play with others, combining cooperative play with investigation mechanics as players try to solve every ghost. It will be interesting to see what the independent studio comes up with next.

Here are the full patch notes:

Types of Ghosts

We have reports of three new entities inhabiting several locations, additional information is available in the Log:

Deogen is always watching Moroi Who have risen from the grave to curse their victims Teye The Ever-aging ghost These three ghosts will have an increased chance of appearing within 2 weeks

We are introducing the “Investigation Period” along with these new types of ghosts!

This gives players about two weeks to try to figure out the abilities, traits, and secrets of the ghosts before we update these patch notes.

with details (spoiler of course). We hope this will bring back the original sense of the investigator and allow the players to work together as a team to uncover the truth!

Voice Recognition

Our voice recognition system has been completely replaced!

We no longer rely on Windows speech systems, which means it supports many more languages and platforms like GeForce Now and Steam Deck without the need for customization (and fixes that pesky tab error).

Now you only need to set up your microphone in the game, not the “Default Windows Microphone”. Now you can see the volume of your microphone in the sound settings Additional microphone input parameters have been added: Voice Detector Sensitivity Noise Suppression

Since the new system only works if you are on the server, the voice recognition check has been removed.

Note. The above-mentioned additional sound options are only available during the game via the log options menu.

Currently supported languages:

English German French Russian Spanish Japanese Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese Italian Portuguese Brazilian Portuguese Dutch Swedish Turkish Ukrainian Czech Greek Other languages will be added in a future update


The truck received new models, a new layout and materials. The equipment is now placed on the wall in the Truck. Placing any equipment back on the wall, similar to head cameras, will be added with the “User Complexity” update. By the campfire in the Maple Cabin, Camping will now raise the temperature around it. The maple house by the fire now shows the hot temperature on the thermometer. Now you can buy four lighters and three salt shakers. Added new footsteps sounds for the metal floor in the truck. and on the ramp


The number of available shelters will now be increased when playing multiplayer games. Three players: +1 shelter. Four players: +2 shelters.