Phasmophobia To Receive Two New Ghosts In The Next Update


Phasmophobia: October is the month of Halloween, so it’s a great time for those into horror or dark themed games like Phasmophobia. That’s why the game revealed that it is preparing two new types of ghosts for its list, but unfortunately it didn’t go into much detail.

As we can see in the tweet, we have the list of ghosts already available in the game with two more blurred entries, one of which is selected and the page on the side brings the description. But even so you can’t know more because the description is blurred in several parts too.

Enough to know that we will have two new types of specter making their debut in the game, and of course we can expect that in a Halloween update.

If the teaser isn’t enough, you can also go to the Phasmophobia Trello public page, which shows progress and planning in the game. In the “Halloween update” frame we can see a list that includes two new ghosts and the “nightmare” difficulty.

We don’t have details, but with the name “nightmare” it’s pretty easy to speculate that we’ll have an even more challenging game mode for the hardcore Phasmophobia players.

In addition to these items, two others appear as “redacted”, which does not mean that they have been removed, but that they will remain a secret for the time being.

It’s already October, so we should have more news and detailed update information in the next few days.


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