Phasmophobia is the newest hit horror game from Steam


Phasmophobia recently arrived on Steam with early access and is already an absolute success in the store, shooting among the most played games, besides being among the most broadcast on Twitch last week.

The horror game is a cooperative game of ghost hunting where you solve puzzles and can be scared sometimes. You venture out with other players in haunted locations using a range of hunting equipment and identifying folk and technological ghosts to escape before you are killed.

The title has the option of being played in VR and uses a voice chat to contact hunter friends or the spirits themselves. Watch the trailer:

Only between yesterday (8) and today (9), the game reached the peak of simultaneous players according to Steam Charts, with 70,195. The success can be explained by the number of live viewers between Twitch channels, surpassing games like Fortnite, FIFA 21 and Counter Strike, for example.

Other important points are the attractive price, costing R $ 27.89 while it is still being developed and, obviously, that the game is very fun, especially if you gather your friends to hunt and classify ghosts.

Phasmophobia, the game that has won the hearts of gamers in recent days is available on PC via Steam in early access. Have you ever played or watched any streamer playing? Tell us what you think of the horror game in the comments.

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