Phasmophobia: ghosts may open doors in new update


Developer Kinetic Games released a new update for Phasmophobia on Monday (8), bringing more accessibility and gameplay features. Among the highlights, the new mechanics of ghosts, which are much more threatening and can open doors, cabinets and other hiding places, draw attention.

Phasmophobia has new accessibility features, with the option to change some stereo by mono and difficulty levels. The update brings significant improvements to the game’s quality of life, with more stable servers, connection facilitated by shortcut buttons and new functions for keyboard and gamepad, which are now able to invite friends and edit the initial inventory.

Ghosts have had their hunting systems improved and are much more intelligent, being able to open doors and lockers outside and during pursuits. In addition, they lost their randomness in their movements and started to follow a more objective field of view, continuing their search in nearby places where the players passed and focusing on a scenario where they last saw a hunter.

The details of the update also indicated that the game received a series of changes in its gameplay, balancing the temperature system, the activity monitor, the loss of sanity – which will now affect players after a group member dies, with each survivor losing. 15 points – and the increase in the range of parabolic microphones.

Finally, it was confirmed that several virtual reality bugs were fixed, along with some identified on the prison and asylum maps. To check the complete list of all the improvements released with the update, just go to the game’s official page on Steam.



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