Phasmophobia Gets Update With New Map and Two Types Of Ghosts


Phasmophobia fans can already start to prepare for new scares, as the game received a new update recently that added nothing less than a new map and two types of ghosts. In addition, there are new daily challenges and some previously discovered bugs have been properly fixed.

It’s also worth mentioning that the two ghosts added in this update, known as Hantu and Yokai, will have a much better chance of appearing than other types until the next update. As you can imagine, it’s a way to make players have more opportunities to get to know the unprecedented appearances of Phasmophobia.


Among other new features, there is also the fact that there is now a way to restore saved data that has been corrupted, a profanity filter, an option to sell items and a timer to confirm possible changes in game resolution. Most of the problems found and fixed refer to some items used to find and detect the types of ghosts in each map, which should make the matches less frustrating.

According to the patch notes, players can still expect improved performance and reduced load times on most maps. This Phasmophobia update is available to everyone via Steam on PC, so be sure to download it to see how new ghosts can haunt you!


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